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Believe It Museum

Today I had the opportunity to photograph a lovely home on the intercoastal. I was particularly nervous because architecture is not my specialty. I have done plenty of photos at Flagler of buildings, but this was different. Working with a building is a lot different than working with people. For starters you can't tell a building to turn their head towards you or shift their weight from one leg to the other. Buildings are a fixed point and you must work around them. You also have to battle with lighting. Since I am a natural light photographer, I don't own many flashes. After photographing this house I can certainly see where having several remote controlled ones could have come in handy.

So I was on my way to this house. I left my camera at Flagler so I had to swing by there first to get my gear. I wouldn't have normally taken this route, but I'm glad I did. I was praying that everything would go well. That I wouldn't be awkward, that I would get the shots I needed, that I wouldn't screw it up. I got a stop light and just happened to see this... 

Part of the light blocked the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum so it read Believe It Museum. I was reminded of God's promises to us that he would never leave us or forsake us. That he is a God who cares for our needs and what concerns us concerns him. We need to be believing God. I recently did Believing God by Beth Moore and she encouraged us to come up with God stops. Points in our lives where we can look back and remember what God did for us, how He moved in our lives. After collecting them, we had a museum of sorts to look back on to remind us when things seem dry that our God is the LIVING WATER! What are your God stops? Is there something you are choosing not to believe God for? Take heart, our God is ever present. What an awesome God I serve and want a pleasant reminder to start my day. Here are some shots from this morning/afternoon from the shoot. Enjoy!

How about that pool?! And the view!! Who wouldn't want to live here? The house had 2 guest suites, and that's just the beginning. More to come soon. Stay tuned and remember to believe God!