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Brett + Bradley | Nashville Photographer

This is my cousin Brett and his partner, Bradley.

Rich and I love them dearly and are proud to call them family.

We had such a blast staying with them while we were in Nashville for a wedding. We had a lot of laughs and ate a lot of yellow food with brown avocado. ;) Also we ate vegan. It was next to a Crossfit gym and it was awesome! We had the opportunity to run around downtown Nashville and East Nashville for some photos. I love that now as adults Brett and I see each other way more often. Brett has a killer personality, is always up for an adventure, and can always make me laugh. Bradley is a sweetheart and has an even bigger heart for others. Be sure to check out the super embarrassing old photo of Brett and myself when we were young-ins. ;)

I told Brett and Bradley to do their best model face. This was the result.

This is one of the best/funniest photos of us. I love that Brett is a walking advertisement for Tommy Hilfiger, and I'm wearing a sweet fleece cut off vest. There are so many great things about this photo. We essentially ROCKED the 90s as kids.