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Brittney Kluse Mentoring | St. Augustine Photographer

Many of you all know that I had a mentoring session with the fabulous Brittney Kluse of Brittney Kluse Photography. Brittney and her family were vacationing in Destin, FL and I found out via Instagram. I emailed her and she graciously agreed to get together for a mentoring session. Destin is 5+ hours away from St. Augustine, so it was 10+ hours round trip but it was worth every minute spent in the car. I drove up Friday night and stayed with my friend Melissa from high school. I then got up early and met Brittney at a Starbucks in Destin.

You guys, seriously, there are no words for the amount of awesome those 3 hours were. You might be asking, "Why would you drive 10+ hours for only 3 hours of mentoring?" Because Brittney Kluse is worth it. My business is worth it. I could not miss the one chance I had to learn from the best in the industry. Brittney is kind of a superstar in the world of photography. It was an honor to meet her, much less have a personal one-on-one with her. Before we met up she had me email her about what I wanted to work on as well as some of my photos, before and afters. My agenda consisted of business planning, senior rep programs, marketing, pricing and going shooting with her. The first 2.5 hours we talked about it all. Brittney has a KILLER senior rep program and it was great to get her advice on things on how to make my rep program better. She also gave me some great advice when it came to budgeting for my business. It really opened my eyes to the hard numbers of earning a living when it comes to photography.

One of the other really beneficial things about our time together was that she went over my photos with me. I had 5 SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) and 5 after editing. So 2 of each, 10 total. It was great to hear her encouragement to things that I'm doing right! As a photographer I am really hard on myself and my work. It was refreshing to hear that I'm doing really well when it comes to getting it right in camera. She also had some constructive criticism when it came to how to make my work better. That was the best part. Brittney struck the perfect balance of encouragement and things to improve on. I walked away with the confidence I needed to make the suggested changes to my business and shooting style.

Another highlight was going shooting with Brittney. The closest thing I can relate it to would be for a painter to study under Monet or someone. It was an awesome opportunity for me to learn from her. I found a couple cool tips and tricks that I can take with me into future photo sessions. There were definitely a few "Ah-ha" moments.

All-in-all, I would definitely do it again if I had the chance. The information I learned was so valuable to my personal/business development. It was a great experience. And as a mega bonus, I got this sweet headshot from Brittney and we took selfies together! Definitely fan girled in the moment. Brittney, you are awesome! Don't let others dull your shine. #brittneyface