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Brooks Transcontinental Adventure Pt. 2 | America's Photographer

Hope you all enjoyed the first part of our Transcontinental Adventure! We had such a blast and I can't wait for our next adventure! As I mentioned on the last blog, my friend Emily recommended We plugged in our route and found some cool things along the way. But we couldn't leave The Big Easy without a stop to the famous Café du Monde. We got some Café au Lait (Pronounced Café-O-lay) and Beignets. They were SUPER delicious! I'm so glad they are open 24-7 because we got there around 5am. After that we were on the road to complete our mission of getting through Texas.

We were able to get through Louisiana fairly quickly, but Texas on the other hand was terrible. It is where we fostered our dislike of I-10. Everything is certainly BIGGER in Texas. We were told not to Mess With Texas, but we did, and we won!

Notice how there is nothing in the picture above? That pretty much describes Texas on I-10. I apologize in advance if you live in Texas, but we did NOT have the best view of your state. There was literally nothing for MILES. Rich and I decided if we ever needed to get rid of something, or someone, we would bury them off of I-10 and no one would ever find them again. Terrible, but true.

We did have the best lunch there! We found this place called Pappasitos. We had the best experience there and the food was incredible. They made their own tortillas! We thought it was a tiny hole in the wall unique piece of Texas, but it turns out it's a chain in San Antonio. I just loved the sign. "Need a job? Guac on in and let's taco about it!" It also said they speak English, not that they spoke Spanish like most restaurants advertise. Regardless, our food was awesome.

At this point in our journey, I took over the wheel and only drove for about an hour because I ate too much and got sleepy. I took a nap and then Rich and I switched back. We stumbled upon our next quirky American treasure. Stonehenge II! With a touch of Easter Island thrown in there. :)

Stonehenge II was in the middle of nowhere. It was only 5 minutes off the highway, but a totally worth while stop in our journey. It was so quirky and just what we needed to break up the trip. Once we saw Stonehenge II we drove back to the highway via some back roads. We found an exotic animal farm that had a zebra in it! Not very exotic, but kind of random. The rest of the day was spent driving. We drove until we reached El Paso. We got there around 11:30 at night. For those who don't know, El Paso sits right on the border of Juarez, Mexico. Juarez is commonly referred to as "The Murder Capitol of the World."  As we were driving in, we could see Juarez at night. It's kind of huge. We also were able to see the big fence that sits on the border. For some reason I didn't think there would be a fence on the border of the US and Mexico, but sure enough there was. And it was the biggest, most intimidating fence we've ever seen. There were huge signs pointed towards Mexico. We couldn't see what they said, but we had fun coming up with our own captions.

Side note. We are truly blessed to be living in America. If anything being in El Paso reminded me that there are countless people who want to live in America. Even though our government can be frustrating, we really are blessed beyond measure to be living in such a great country.

Day 3 of our journey was more exciting than our adventure in Texas. It was way more scenic. Stay tuned. I will be posing the 3rd and final blog post about our Transcontinental Adventure! Until then, enjoy some of my Instagrams from the trip! If you're not following me already, you should! Find me @daniellebphoto

Yes, those are gun shots in the Arizona sign....Oh, America. :)

Yes, those are gun shots in the Arizona sign....Oh, America. :)