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Canada Adventures by Instagram

The past 2 days Rich and I have been in Niagara with his family. It's been a blast. I was unable to post yesterday because we were in the car with no internet service most of the day. There will be a more thorough post with photos later. As for now, enjoy these Instagram photos I was able to snap. This first one is of Richie and I by the horse shoe falls. 

This is a photo of me, Richie, his dad, his sister Dayna, and his mom. We were at the falls and a huge gust of wind blew all this mist (freezing rain) in our direction. We all huddled together for warmth and I snapped this photo. 

After seeing the falls we went on the Skywheel. It was super massive and kind of scary at the top.

While in Canada we visited Tim Hortons several times. We loved it! It's kind of like the Dunkin' Donuts of Canada. They had this Candy Cane Hot Chocolate and it was incredible.

At the Falls they had this pretty railing and the mist would land on it and freeze instantly. The ice on this was at least an inch and a half thick. It was so cold, but it was really beautiful. 

While in Canada, we were smacked with a huge winter storm. It blanketed the town in a foot of snow. I loved every minute of it. 

After the huge snow storm, the next day we went to the Skylon Tower and had lunch! It is this huge tower with a revolving dining room. You could see everything from there. I cant wait to post the photos I took from their observatory deck. It was freezing out there though. I'll never forget that after about 10 minutes I couldn't feel my face. For a Florida girl, thats pretty darn cold!

On the way back to the states we hit a duty free shop and I stumbled upon this HUGE jar of Nutella! It was bigger than my head and was super heavy!

All-in-all our Niagara adventure was SO fun! I can't wait to post the photos I took with my camera.