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Confidence For Your Day


Needing a little confidence boost this Wednesday? Here are a couple of words to the wise. I just love this photo. A) Because I love old people and B) because this is just adorable. I seem to have a self doubt problem and I know I'm not the only one. When I get into the spiral of self doubt I can never seem to remember my past successes. I get caught up in everything that could go wrong or my failings. But confidence is nothing more than the memory of success. Let us start remembering our successes and allow that to give us confidence in the future. This mindset is easily translated to my relationship with Christ. I am not trusting him to take care of my tomorrows even though he has a proven track record of taking care of my yesterdays. I need to tackle the day with confidence remembering my past successes, and I need to be trusting God for my tomorrows. Hopefully this helped to pick you up a tad on this Wednesday. And if it didn't hopefully this new version of Hanson's MMMBop will cheer you up. I'd gamble to say they got better with age.

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