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As the title says, this post is about a couple of my favorite things. Kind of like Oprah, but better and geared towards photographers. Not everything I post will have to do with photography, but some of them will. I hope you will try some of my favorite things, and share with me some of your own Photog Phavorites. So here goes....

1. Mason jars. This obsession started at a young age. My Nana used to drink out of them all the time and had the seals to use as lids when we were going places. She collected Mason jars over the years and has some with handles. For me it's a nostalgia thing, but as I get older, I find myself interested in canning all sorts of things. Anyone out there have a good canning recipe they'd like to share?

2. Epiphaine Bags. The one featured is the Charlotte. I have this one and their Brooklyn bag. I absolutely love Epiphanie. Their bags are so comfortable to carry and I know my stuff is well protected. Check out my review on my Epiphanie.

3. Bare Minerals. I am such an advocate for this make up. It provides you coverage without being suffocating. I had REALLY bad acne and took Accutane, so I have really sensitive skin and this is the prefect solution for my makeup.

4. Vaseline. You might think it's gross, but it's actually a miracle product. I started using this when I was on Accutane and it is the best moisturizer on the planet. They now have little mini Vaseline tubs you can put in your purse and they are adorable.

5. Body of Evidence Series. This is a guilty pleasure for me. I started reading this series in high school and have always loved it. Christopher Golden isn't too well known, but I just fell in love with the characters in his Body of Evidence series. It follows Jenna Blake, a freshman in college. She starts to work for the local medical examiner and helps to solve mysteries about how people died. Kinda like the TV show Bones. It is way below my reading level and the plot lines aren't hard to follow, but I can read them so easily, it is a mental vacation when I read them.

Hope you enjoyed the first installment of Danielle's Photog Phavorites! There will be more to come in the future. Until then, share with me some of the neat things you have found that you really enjoy!