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Dry Bag from HooRag |St. Augustine Photographer

Earlier this week I blogged about the new Hoo-rag and its noticeable differences. The kind people at Hoo-rag were generous to send me one of their newest additions to their line of products. They call it a Dry Bag, but I think they should call it a Hoo Bag! This little bag somes in different sizes based on liters. They sent me the smallest bag, but it was the perfect size. Rich and I recently went to the Great Smokey Mountains. I was able to take the Dry Bag on several hikes with us.

Hoo-rag advertises that the bag is water proof and you know I had to try it out. I'm naturally a skeptical person. I reasoned that if it was waterproof, it had to be air tight. It took a couple of tries to get it closed the right way (which I attribute to my inexperience with the product) but once I got it I applied some weight and sure enough it held air pressure.

You know at that point I had to toss it into some water to test it. I loaded the bag with some rocks and submerged it in a little river. Sure enough it kept everything in it dry. Honestly, if I wanted to put some lenses in this bag and submerge it in water, I have no doubt that my gear would be safe. The bag has this extra strap that comes with it so you could use it as a body strap if you wanted. I didn't understand what the material being made of PVC meant until I was able to touch it. It felt like a seriously HEAVY DUTY rain jacket. That's one of the main things I like about the Hoo-rag Dry Bag, it is made of tough stuff.  It can stand up to me beating it up and tossing it around. It can keep up with my busy and often crazy lifestyle. It is handy for any of you photogs out there. I will forever have a Dry Bag with me on a shoot in the event of a torrential downpour.

All-in-all I would highly recommend the Dry Bag from Hoo-rag. It is a great addition to any photographers camera bag. Check out some of the different colors and sizes they have on the Hoo-rag website!