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Favorite App for Photographers

I love apps. I'm a sucker for them. I know, you think I'm lame, but hey, I just got a smart phone LESS THAN A YEAR AGO! GASP! lol I finally stepped into the current century. I love the almighty Instagram app. It's great. I love following photographers, friends, and family. It's a little window into their world. (Please feel free to follow me @DanielleBPhoto.)

There has been one other app that I really appreciate having on hand. Canon Lenses. I know this doesn't appeal to all of you Nikon users, but Canon owners listen up. This app is great for checking out new lenses. They list all the current Canon lenses, their prices and reviews on the lenses. It is like walking through a candy store to any photographer. I love that it also has a link to borrow lenses. So in the event I need a fisheye lens, I can read the reviews, check the price, and then head over to and rent it.

The app tells you what the minimum/maximum aperture of the lens is, how many blades are in the diaphragm, the weight, cost, filter size, and much more. You can also see the reviews on the Canon site. It is just an all around great app to have on hand. And did I mention it's FREE? What apps are you all using for photography?

In other news, check out this polar bear with a Canon lens! Apparently some photogs dropped a lens into the cage and the bear had a blast playing with it...while funny, if it were my lens, I would be crying.

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