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Finding The Light And Using It // St. Augustine Photographer

Light is everything for a photographer. Its what sets the tone and feel of an image. It can be used to portray a mood and evoke a feeling. As a natural light photographer, there are very few times where I will use a flash for an image. St. Augustine always seems to have the best light for shoots, especially during magic hour.

Let me take a moment to explain what "magic hour" is for those who don't know. Magic hour is when photographers make their sacrifices to the photo gods for good light....just kidding. Haha. Magic hour, seriously, is the first and last hour of daylight. Hour is a loose term depending on the season. What makes this time during the day so great is that the sun creates this warm hue that the camera captures perfectly. You generally don't have to worry about harsh shadows or severe light. Shooting during magic hour can add color, depth, and texture to your photos.

I've recently been asked which I prefer to shoot in. I would prefer to shoot in the evening, and that's solely based on the fact that I'm not a morning person. However, I have done shoots in the morning, and the effect was just as stunning. When you get out there and practice you'll begin to notice the change when it happens. Everything becomes golden and magical. It's about the time you look up and say, "Wow, what a beautiful sunset." Here are some examples from a morning shoot I did.

Notice how the light is softer? There seems to be a glow? Here are some photos I've taken during magic hour in the evening.

The most helpful hint I can give, is to get out there and PRACTICE! I cannot say that enough. One of my most motivating quotes is from Michele Wanke who said, "Many of the world's most famous women photographers were not born to use a camera. Rather, they diligently honed their craft until they were able to tell a story through a lens better than anyone in their profession." So get out there, find the light and get to work!