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Flagler Admissions Trip | America's Photographer

About a month ago, I was contracted by the Flagler College Admissions department to go with them on their East Coast Tour to take photos of their events. The purpose of the trip was to bring alumni, admitted students, and parents together. 3 cities, 3 days. It was crazy and I enjoyed every minute of it.

We went to Baltimore, Virginia Beach and Long Island. I was super excited about Baltimore. I went to high school in that area so it was great to see the Inner Harbor again and to get some crab cakes. I was able to try my first Natty Boh! Or, National Bohemian beer. It is brewed in Baltimore. Our rental car for Baltimore was a blacked out Lincoln Navigator. It was pretty baller. Steven and I were super impressed.

The next stop on the tour was Virgina Beach. I was also really excited about coming here because my best friend Kelly lives there now! She was able to pick me up from the airport and we went to get brunch at this delicious little diner. I was able to see her and Milo, aka, my godson. I am so blessed to call Kelly my friend. No matter what we are doing or have been through, we are partners in crime and she will always have a special place in my heart.

The hotel we were staying at in Virgina Beach was really nice. There was a cool statue of Neptune and his trident. You know I walked around and snapped a few frames.

On the tour I was traveling with some pretty great people. Margo works in Institutional Advancement, Steven works in Admissions, and Dr. Abare is the President of Flagler College. It was so great to get to know them all a little better. Dr. Abare treated us to a couple of meals out. Which was super nice. I had the best steak of my life in Long Island. It was just great to see how the other departments of the college work.

Our last stop was in Long Island. You know I had myself a Long Island Iced Tea. I was able to take a cab to a little shopping area about 15 minutes away from the hotel room. I'm pretty sure my cabbie ripped me off, but I still had fun. I found this little cemetery with some SUPER old headstones. I even found a store called Marshs! For those who don't know, Marsh is my maiden name.  It was a really upscale department store which fit the area really well. One of the consignment stores I went in, had a pair of used Louboutin's for sale! They weren't my size or I would have bought them. There was also a cool graffiti building, and a hole in the wall book store.

The Long Island event had to be one of my favorites. Towards the end, parents and students were able to ask him questions about academics, college life, and St. Augustine in general. It was very casual, but it really showed me how much our President cares about the students. It was a great memory. If you are considering going to a college, might I suggest Flagler College. It is a great little school with a huge impact on the students and the community. Speaking as an alumni, I am proud to call Flagler College my Alma Mater.


On the way home, I had to get up at 3 am to catch my flight. I picked up a egg and cheese mc muffin. That was a bad idea. We landed in Baltimore and I ran to catch my connecting flight and as I sat down on the plane I started throwing up. Food poisoning. Luckily I had a bag to ralph into, but the poor lady next to me just about lost it. It was the worst flight ever, but I made it home!

Well that was the trip! Hope you all enjoyed the photos and stories! What traveling adventures have you been on lately?