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Flagler College Brings Quidditch To Life | St. Augustine Event Photographer

Flagler College is hosting it's annual Hogwarts House Parties!  I am beyond excited to have photographed this event! For those of you who don't know, I'm a huge Harry Potter fan! When Rich and I went to California we did the WB Studio Tour and they have a bunch of Harry Potter paraphernalia on display. While we were there we were sorted into our houses. Rich is a Gryffindor and I'm a Hufflepuff! Every year Flagler hosts a Quidditch match and a Great Hall event. Flagler has often been compared to Hogwarts. I'm so proud to say Flagler College is my Alma Mater.

The rules of Quidditch are simple. Everyone must be on a broom. When the game starts everyone is kneeling on the ground holding their brooms, heads facing the ground. The snitch is a person who has a flag football flyer attached to them. They begin the game by running out of the pitch (playing field). The snitch is allowed to run anywhere on the main campus block. They are not allowed to cross the street. This allows there to be boundaries. Then a minute after the snitch runs off the players run toward the center for the quaffles and bludgers. Chaos pretty much ensues. Five minutes into the game the Seekers are released to go find the snitch. While the Seekers are gone the game continues. If you are a Chaser and you get hit by a bludger, you have to stop playing and run touch the goal posts. Obviously there are three posts guarded by the Keeper. If you're a Beater you are allowed to throw bludgers at the Chasers. Each goal is worth 10 points and the snitch is worth 30. Confused yet? The pictures help explain the event. All-in-all it was an awesome time! Flagler will be hosting a Great Hall event which I expect will be equally as awesome so stay tuned!!