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Fruits of the Harvest | St. Augustine Family Photographer

This week Brittany asked me to go with her and the boys to pick some organic blueberries. I was totally in! We had such a blast, we went with our friend, Dana and her 4 kids. In case you were wondering, between Dana and Brittany, there are 8 kids total. It is always such fun with so many kids around. Anyway, we drove all the way to Georgia for these bad boys. They were priced really well, only $2.69/lb! I picked about 4 pounds. I froze over half of them. This weekend we are going to make blueberry pancakes and blueberry muffins for the week!

After picking blueberries, I couldn't help but reflect on the parallels of harvesting, and I started wondering when I was going to start seeing a harvest with my business. Yesterday I had lunch with my friend Alison at Flagler. It was so great to be back on the Flagler campus. I really miss it. I was telling Alison that my first two weeks have been busy with school graduation photos for a local preschool and that I haven't seen a big increase in inquires other wise. She shared some very wise information with me. Alison sold Pampered Chef for a while, and she learned that the work she were to do today, would pay off 3 months from now. We just need to be patient for the harvest. It makes sense, but waiting for the harvest is the hardest part. What are you waiting to harvest?

The last few photos are my favorite. The farmer let me walk around back to get those pictures. My favorite is where he is reaching out his hand to shake mine. It was just a perfectly timed photo. Interested in picking your own organic blueberries? Check out his website! It was a really great place to be and to bring kids to. We had a lot of fun.