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Fuqua Family | St. Augustine Family Photographer

This past Friday, I had the privilege of photographing the Fuqua family! It is by far the largest group I've photographed with nearly 30 people! I had to scout out several locations to find a location suitable. They had several older people who weren't very mobile. So my contact, Holly and I decided to do the photos indoors. They wanted to do more formal family photos so I was able to use the Alien Bees and backdrop for the shoot. I have at least 3 other large family photoshoots on the books for June and July. Several things came to mind as lessons learned when photographing large families. Here are 5 tips to help you all out in the future.

1. Have A Shot List- Work with your contact to get a list of everyone who iwll be at the photo shoot. Also, ask them to group them by family. So for example, my family would be:
Rich & Danielle
My Mom Robbie, and Dad Danny
My Uncle Robert, Aunt Rachel, and Cousin Crystal

We are all one family, but are in 3 separate groups. This will help you in breaking up the large group shots into several small groups. The more photos you take, the more chances you have of selling prints. Also, ask your contact if there are specific shots they HAVE to have. That way you can make sure you are meeting their needs, before you get the shots you might want.

2. Arrive Early- For me this gave me time to get ALLLLLLL my equipment set up and I had some time to use the restroom, and calm my nerves before people showed up. True story, I was setting up my equipment and some of the seams on my soft box ripped. Essentially I couldn't put the wires in the fabric to hold it together. I was freaking out! I had time so I ran and got some tape and jury rigged it together. It worked and my clients were none the wiser. But if they were standing around watching me it would have made the situation WAY worse.

3. Introduce Yourself- When everyone arrives, introduce yourself! Tell them how you got involved with photography (the Cliff's Notes version) This way they know a little about you and are more comfortable interacting with you one-on-one.

4. Speak Loudly- IN large groups it's OK to raise your voice. Often families will converse among themselves and you need to assert yourself and take control of the situation.

5. Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Help- This speaks for itself. If you are in a large family it's OK to ask a family member to help you group people. Often times this is the first time you are meeting the WHOLE family. They know their family better than you do.

Short and simple, but I hope it helps if you find yourself faced with your first large family/ group photo session. What are tips you all have that you can share with others about photographing large families? Sound off in the comments!