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Google Analytics, Analyzing the Numbers | St. Augustine Photographer

In case you missed Wednesday's post on how Google Analytics can help your SEO, you might want to check it out, it is kind of a precursor to this post. Already have a Google Analytics account? Good. Let's go.

So one of my favorite things about Analytics is the "Real Time" feature. I generally use this feature right after I post a blog. It allows you to see who is on your blog and what pages they are on. It also shows you where they are located as well as how they got to your site. Here's a sample of what my Real Time looked like the other day.

Based on that screen shot, you can see that 6 people were on my site at the same time. You can also see that they were on blog as well as a specific page. It also shows you that 50% of those users were on their phones the other were split between desktops and tablets. The picture kind of cuts it off, but you can see what social network they came from, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. There is also an interactive map where you can see their location.

Now before you get all worried about the map, it doesn't show specifics. I cant know what address you're at, it just shows the city. It is super helpful in knowing where my readers come from. If you'll notice, there are little tabs on the left side. They are for more specific navigation. If you wanted to just focus on the map you can click "Locations." I like using the "Overview" tab because I can see all the stats at once. Hope this helps you all when it comes to Google Analytics and Real Time. I hope you all have a great weekend! Stay tuned Monday, I'll be talking more about how to use Google Analytics! Until then, here's a super cute picture of Ava Canary. Happy Friday!