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Google Analytics, The Adventure Continues | St. Augustine Photographer

Being a photographer in St. Augustine is some what of a tricky business. You are constantly trying to rise above the competition and separate yourself from the crowd. St. Augustine is an over-saturated market and it can be difficult to be successful in this market. However, it is a challenge I am eager to take on. One of the tools I use to help me is Google Analytics. I have done two other posts on how to use analytics, you should check them out, here, and here. So this post is about Acquisition. In other words, how people find your website. Here is what my acquisition page looks like.

There are 4 main sources visitors can come from. Social Media, Direct, Organic Search, and Referral. Social media can be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Organic is Google, Bing, or any other search engine. And Referral is another website that links to your website. When you click on each link, it breaks down the information to show you which sites people came from.

It also shows you bounce rate. Bounce rate tells you how long people stayed engaged with your site. A 100% bounce rate means people came to your site and saw just the page they landed on and left immediately. The lower the bounce rate, the longer they stayed on your site and clicked around. I also love that it shows you the average length of the session.

On Friday I went to Dos Coffee and met up with some of the girls at Bold Flourish. It was great to get together with other creatives to network and bounce ideas off each other. This weekend, Rich and I had a bunch of people over for breakfast to kick off the summer. We had a waffle bar and everything. They were delicious. Here are a couple of photos from those events.

Hope some of this information helped! What kind of helpful hints would you like to see on the blog? Sound off in the comments!!