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Hoo-Rag Review | St. Augustine Photographer

A little while ago the folks at Hoo-Rag contacted me about doing a review on one of their rags! Hoo-Rag is a company stationed out of Vero Beach, Florida. They specialize in making designed or customized rags that are a total fashion statement. The Hoo-Rags are made of a light weight polyester microfiber material and only weigh about an ounce.

Below are some photos for just a few of the different ways you can wear a Hoo-Rag. I liked wearing the Hoo-Rag around my neck. It was light and the fabric was really soft. This would be a great thing to have for the winter to provide warmth. I wouldn't ordinarily wear it the other way, but you can easily cover all your hair and keep it out of the way when shooting. Especially since my hair is brown it provides some reprieve from the hot sun in Florida. And you could still shoot with your camera!

Here are some of the other ways you can wear a Hoo-Rag.

I liked using it as a hair tie. It could really come in handy to have on a shoot. Rich, my husband says you can war the Hoo-Rag around your mouth so you don't eat flies when you are riding around town on your moped. I don't have a moped, but if I did, this would be how I would style  a Hoo-Rag.

This is by far my favorite way to wear a HooRag. I love that it held my hair back. It looked great with my outfit, and in the event of some serious sweat, I'm sure it could handle that too.

All-in-all, I would highly recommend HooRag to any photogs out there who spend long days in the sun or full-day weddings! The people at HooRag have some other stylish patterns. You should definitely check out the HooRag online store. Thanks Hoo-Rag!