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I Took The Road Less Traveled...AND IT HURT MAN!

I love YouTube. I could sit on that site for hours. There are just so many funny people out there. Kid President is no different. Have you seen his YouTube video? If you haven't take the time to do so now.

Something Kid President taught me is that I don't dance enough. I also am boring. No not boring personality wise, just with my goals for the business. Now that the new year has a rhythm I am in desperate need of a new challenge. I recently got a new inquiry about helping a fellow photographer. I have no idea who this person is and they wanted my insight and knowledge about being a professional photographer. Woah. Scary. I remember when I started out, I reached out to others in the community for help. How did they set up their websites? How did they generate traffic? Did they advertise? 

No one responded. And it hurt, man! I wanted to be on their team, why didn't they want to be on mine?

And now the tables have suddenly turned. I am in the drivers seat. Do I help? Or choose to not respond? I gain nothing by helping this new photographer. But I can see the fear with choosing to help them. I could loose business. This is my competition. I'm telling them the secrets to get ahead that I had to learn the hard way. But. Yes, there's always a but. But if I choose not to help then I'm just as bad as the other photographers who didn't choose to help me. Instead of seeing this as competition, I'm seeing it as a new way to make a partner and friend in the photography business. It's also an opportunity to develop my business and to branch out.

How am I going to branch out? I am now working creating on a program to teach and train other photographers who want to start a business. I will be offering one-on-one shooting sessions on how to improve your technique, and business development sessions to hone in on what opportunities you may be missing. For the less intense photographer, I will be offering Momtog classes. This class will be geared toward the parent who owns a DSLR camera and needs some tips and tricks on how to use it and to capture the best moments possible. Lastly, I will be writing a manual with quick tips and tricks to help you remember all we covered in these sessions. 

No, I'm not giving up photography to teach, I am rather adding something to my list of services. I want to be the change I wish to see in the world as Gandhi would say. I want to be a leader in my industry who isn't afraid to help the up and coming photographer. I really wish someone had done it for me. By choosing to help those who will come after me I am leaving the industry better than when I found it. If no one is there to help new photographers the whole industry will suffer. Some will disagree with this and say that by choosing to help I am creating massive competition for the rest of us.

But think about it this way. Even though I don't care for the Biebs, or have Bieber fever, he would never have gotten to where he is today if Usher hadn't seen his YouTube videos and decided to help him out. What happened to Usher? Did he become some nobody because he helped a kid become a household name? Did he just slink into obscurity someone else was successful in the music industry? No. Instead Usher became a respected teacher in the industry who helped a little talented kid reach his dream of becoming a superstar.

Even though I may never have this big of an impact on someone's life, I am still choosing to help in whatever way I can. So, stay tuned. When I figure out all the details you all will be the first to know. I'm excited about this new goal and direction for Danielle Brooks Photography. Thanks for your support. :)