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Insatlling Google Analytics | St. Augustine Photographer

Alright all! Today's post is a bit tech heavy. We are gonna look at a tool that can help you tremendously when it comes to SEO: Google Analytics. If you are not using this tool already, you should have been using it yesterday! It is SO awesome! It helps you track all of your visitors to your site. It shows you the pages they viewed, the time they spent on your page, where they are from and even how they found your site! It is just an overall great tool to be using.

That being said, the first step would be to sign up for an account with Google Analytics. Do it now! It's ok, I'll wait.......

Got an account? Good. They should be emailing you a code you will need to inject into your site. Inject is a fancy word for "copy and paste." Once you have your code you're going to need to open the back end of your website. You'll typically see a place to paste your code. If not, and all you see is a bunch of code. Just paste it directly in front of this code < /head> Here is a screen shot of what mine looks like.

I just love Squarespace. It is such an easy format to use. But essentially that's it for Google Analytics. In about 24 hours you'll start to see the numbers adjust to the visitors on the site! Friday we will be talking about how to understand all the info Google Analytics compiles for you and how to use it to your business' benefit!  Here's a sneak peek of what it will eventually look like.

In the meantime, I have some exciting news! I while ago I wrote an article for Gospel Centered Discipleship, "The Idol of Hospitality." About 2 weeks ago, I was contacted by GCD about my article, they are compiling a book of articles about making, maturing and multiplying disciples and they want to include my article in the book! I'm going to be a published author! This is the original article I wrote in case you're interested in reading it. The book should be available June 16th! And you can buy the book from their main site, here. I am so excited that God is using this article in such an awesome way! Thank you all for your support. I would love to hear your opinions on the article. Also, feel free to sound off about what you would like to see more of on the blog! Cant wait to hear from you all!