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They say working with your significant other can be a recipe for disaster, but for Rich and I it is a bonding experience. Recently I've had to take photos for his lighting company. They needed some new photos for brochures and stuff. So I usually wait until after dark to snap some frames. Rich usually tags along and this gives me the opportunity to teach him about photography. He's getting pretty good at learning how to shoot in manual. Here are some shots we took down in Tampa at some lights at a Suncoast Credit Union.

These next few are cool. We took some wide shots of the credit union next to another building that didn't have LED lights. You can tell the difference in color and brightness. In the event you have a need for LED lights, contact me and I'll get you in touch with my husband!

In case you were wondering, most of these shots were taken at f/2.8, 1 sec shutter speed, and 500 ISO. All of them were taken with a 16-30mm 2.8 lens. Happy shooting!