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Capturing Genuine Expressions | St. Augustine Photographer

Hey All! Hoped you liked the first day of the blog series! I just love Molly and all she has to say. Today we are graced with Kelly Rodriguez who is here to talk about capturing genuine expressions. Enjoy!

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I get my clients comfortable prior to my sessions; I’m a “Tell it like it is” Woman!!!

If I’m shooting an engagement couple, I tell the woman to let the man of the house drink a beer before our session so he can relax (most men aren’t in the best moods when it comes to pictures and posing).  I tell them to wear clothing which they feel fabulous in and most clients listen to those instructions. I usually share some personal funny stories of myself and my family and I always seem to capture a look that I was searching for. 

If I’m shooting toddlers or a family with little ones, I let them explore the surroundings. A child's attention span is little, so warming up to them is needed even if you spend a couple minutes asking them questions. Since parents know their children best, I am always open for bribing. I carry knick knacks in my bag which consists of a kazoo and other crazy shenanigans which make children happy. After I take a few shots of the children, I allow them to come over and see the picture I took. Letting children explore and play with their family is the best way to capture the best expressions. Never forget with young children that patience is a must.

 The key for capturing expressions is to be yourself and get to know your clients. Remember, you are shooting memories so have fun doing what you love. 

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Kelly Rodriguez is the artist of Lu Lu Blush Photography. A California girl at heart; whom adores her family, loves the artistry of photography, & has the hunger to travel around the world. She specializes in maternity, newborn, child, family, & senior portraiture. ***Blog due in January 2014***

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