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Knight Family Reunion // Mayport Naval Photographer

Tiffany is super mom. Her husband, Dennis has been away 9 months on deployment. While he was gone, she had to raise 3 kids by herself! And as you can see she does it all in heels!! Talk about crazy! She is seriously a testimony to all the other moms who have husbands in the military. It was so touching to see the excitement she and her kids had about dad coming home. Tiffany was referred to me by Ryan Ropero, he's a pretty cool guy and also has a photo business you should check out here. I'm so blessed I had the opportunity to meet Tiffany and her kiddos. I've never been to a Homecoming before and this one was certainly eye opening. It was so powerful to see these women who have stood by their men and kept life going while they were away. The excitement was contagious. You could just tell that everyone was anxious to get a glimpse of the massive boat about to pull into the docks. All the women were dressed for the occasion. After all, they haven't seen their men in 9 months! Tiffany and her kids were no different. They pulled out all the stops and even had signs made to welcome Dad home. Of course Tiffany looked flawless in her super cute Navy themed dress and killer red stilettos.

I asked her oldest son Zach what he was most looking forward to doing with his Dad when he got home and he said going to see a movie. He really wanted to see "Wreck It Ralph" with his Dad. It made me think about all the simple things I did with my Dad and how blessed I was to have him around all the time. I really hope Zach gets some good quality time with his Dad; he deserves it.

I know you all will be as touched by these photos as I was taking them. I am forever grateful for the women and men  who support our Armed Forces while their away and for those who do the leaving. I'm sure you all will leave some love letting Tiffany, Dennis and her kids know how much you appreciate their service to our country.