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Life Changes | St. Augustine Photographer

Sorry for the 2 weeks of nothingness on the blog! We have had some life changes come up that has pushed blogging to the sidelines. What changes you ask? Well Rich has recently lost his job and while that is scary we are expectant of the future. We were in Tampa 2 weeks ago while he sat for the Bar Exam. It was great to be home with my parents and to enjoy some time off. Then we came home and in less than 48 hours we were off to Nashville. With Rich loosing his job we are potentially thinking of relocating to Nashville. Rich did 2 years of undergrad at Belmont so he still has a lot of friends in the area. We went up and stayed with some friends and Rich had some business meetings and I hung out and took photos.

One of our favorite things about this trip is that our family friends the Sivyers came with us! They drove to Nashville to stay with Steve's sister. We were able to get together several times while we were there. It was such a blessing to have them there. I was having a mental freak out about potentially moving and getting together with them helped keep things in perspective. So if you all think of us, please pray for wisdom, direction and the right job. Here are some of our highlights from the trip! I will post more photos and details tomorrow!