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Merry Christmas! | St. Augustine Family Photographer

Hey All! Sorry I didn't get this up yesterday. My Dad's mother passed away the evening before Christmas so we were all dealing with that getting stuff sorted. That being said this is a different sort of post than I was originally going to share. I have a lot to be thankful for this Christmas season. I have an awesome husband and family. I have a great job, and a lot of exciting things to look forward too (HELLOOOOO CALIFORNIA!) But I wanted to take a moment to say that I am truly thankful for my Salvation. I'm always thankful for that free gift, I guess with the death of a loved one, that thankfulness is more pronounced. 

One memory I have of spending time with my Dad's parents was spending Christmas Eve with them. Both sets of my grandparents lived only miles from one another, so it was easy to split holidays like that. So after the Christmas Eve service with my Mom's parents we would all head over to my Dad's parents for dinner and gifts. Before we opened the presents, my Dad's parents would read to us out of Luke 2. Luke tells the story of Jesus' birth. Reading that for kids always caused us to stop and dwell on the real meaning of Christmas. Not to sound too cheesy, but for the Marshes, Jesus is the real meaning for celebration. Honestly. We choose to serve an awesome God who sent His only Son to be born in the world. 

Can you imagine that? To be Jesus that is. He's got everything in Heaven! Literally everything. He's the Son of the Most High God. Nations tremble before him. And yet, he chose to leave all of that for us. He chose to leave the incredible comforts of home to experience life on Earth. To walk among His people. His broken, sick, wounded, sinful people. I know I just threw out the "S" word. We don't like to talk about sin and the gravity it has in our lives. But the truth is, sin separates us from God. And there is no way around it.

But God. 

Two of the most important words I'm sure you could find in scripture. Despite all of our shortcomings and failures, God out of his mercy, sent his only Son to Earth, so that ALL who believe in Him might be saved and have life everlasting. 

I am usually not so forward with my faith, but I wanted you to know that despite death and all the turmoil that accompanies it, I can have peace. I am secure in knowing where I'm going when I die. My grandmother was secure in her faith. Our eternal future is secure in the saving grace of Jesus Christ. This isn't some exclusive club for the select few. God's gift of Salvation is for ALL who believe. If you have any questions about what you've read, I  would love to talk with you about them. Death is a scary thing. Why be scared about wondering what comes after death? Hebrews 9 says I have this hope as an anchor for my soul. It is firm and secure. It is my hope that you too will know the security Christ offers us. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! 

Merry Christmas from the Brookses!