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Monday Weekend Mashup

To my followers I truly apologize about not blogging regularly. I will try to summon the strength to get over this hump of not blogging. Nevertheless, here is the Monday Weekend Mashup.

* I worked out on a Saturday! I don't know if I mentioned, but I am going through the Insanity Workout + diet. Before you all freak out at the word diet, I am simply eating 5 small meals a day and staying away from sugar, alcohol, and pretty much my life of mac & cheese. I have only been doing it for 1 week. I am on week 2 and have 9 more to go. Maybe when I'm done with the program I'll post my before and after pics. MAYBE. Haha.

* Rich and I had a fire to burn some bugs in our oak tree. Long story short, our oak tree has not been doing so hot lately. I had a bug guy come out and assess, he said the tree was infested with galls. In case you don't know what a gall is it is a form of wasp nest. They are like nest for baby wasps. So they were larvae, not flying yet. The only way to get rid of them was to burn them. He said that if we simply cut them out of the tree and threw them in the yard they would still grow and swarm. The photo shows just one type of nest. There are at least 3 and we had all of them! It was a task trying to cut them out of the tree. Luckily we have a fire pit and were able to burn them. When we were burning them we would throw new wood on and sparks would go flying. We decided to get the camera out and get some photos. They turned out pretty neat!

The fire above kind of looks like liquid rather than fire. I just loved how it splashed up and the sparks looked like fireflies. In the photo right below it looked like a face in the flames. Freaky huh?

In case you were wondering about the settings, most all the images were f/1.2, 1/2000, ISO 1200. They are all SOOC and were shot with my 50mm 1.2.

Then Sunday Rich and I spend the day with this little one. She recently has grown to love this yellow ball. She goes crazy for it and is super protective of it as evidenced by the photo. We love our Scouty.

That's pretty much it for this weekend. What kind of things did you all get into?