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Monday Weekend Mashup

This weekend was crazy!! It was SO BUSY! Rich and I have been talking about redoing our dining room for forever! This weekend we decided to just do it. I posted last week about painting the red and such. Throughout the week I finished painting the red. We were so blessed to have our friend Woody help out with the flooring and chair rail. We had all the needed tools, minus his pressurized air gun thing. That bad boy was intense! Here is the before and after.

I am so excited to get that nasty carpet out of there. We are now in the process of saving and looking to buy a new dining room set that is black and will match the china cabinet. Here are some more photos. It's crazy that we did this in one weekend!

Surprisingly, pulling out the carpet was easy and went relatively quickly. At this point in the process I was sufficiently freaked out that there was no turning back. We were committed. This is what we did Friday night after getting supplies at Lowe's.

I am so excited that my Nana's china has a home. It matches so beautifully with the new color. Isn't it pretty? I still walk by the room and just stare. I am so proud of us that we followed through and got the job done. As I said before we would not have been able to do this without Woody. He had such wisdom on cutting the flooring and doing the chair rail. We would have been lost without him. We are so blessed with great friends who are more like family. During the day the Sivyers came over and made lunch!

This leads into the next piece of news. After doing the dining room on Saturday I met up with the Baughers to do their family photos! If you remember, Woody won our giveaway contest! Here is a sneak peek of their Family Mini Session!

How adorable is that face?!! Baby Haddon is such a stud.

Chloe is hilarious. Such a comedienne at her age. I am so excited to edit the rest of this session and share this adorable family with you. Sunday evening we hung out with these crazy kiddos.

If there is anything this weekend has taught me is the value of community. I am in love with our family away from family. I know that I can call anyone from our church family and they would jump through hoops to help and vice versa. There is something special about living in community with my brothers and sisters in Christ that energizes and encourages me. I hope your weekend was filled with joy and community as well!