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St. Augustine photographer specializing in families, children, and seniors.

Morgan DBP Senior Rep | Palm Coast Senior Photographer

I have been blessed with such a great group of beautiful women to represent Danielle Brooks Photography as senior reps. When I met Morgan, I knew she would make a great addition to the team. This girl is smart, funny and amazingly beautiful. Welcome to the team Morgan!


What's your favorite snack food? All of them. (Her answer was too funny, and so true)


Favorite Color? Teal

Who is your BFF? Haylee Conklin

If you could fly or have super sonic hearing, which would it be? Flying

What do you want to do in life? Be a Forensic Psychiatrist

What is your favorite roller coaster in the world? Hollywood Rip Ride Rock

I just had to have one of mom and Morgan together. Aren't they just gorgeous? Meet the other DPB Senior Reps, Mary and Kayley!