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My Luscious Piece of White Chocolate | St. Augustine Photographer

In case you were wondering what the heck this blog title is about, it's what I often refer to my husband as. He is my Luscious Piece of White Chocolate. My man turns 27 tomorrow! He is officially in his late 20s! EEK! We're getting old! And in the next couple of days we will have our 5 year dating anniversary! I am so blessed to say I have been with my man for so long, and I look forward to the many years ahead of us!

Dearest Richie,

Vintage Richie! He was 6 when this was taken. Isn't he adorable? This picture is a very foretelling of his career. :)

Vintage Richie! He was 6 when this was taken. Isn't he adorable? This picture is a very foretelling of his career. :)

     You are the light of my life and I do NOT know what I would do without you. You have an uncanny way of making me laugh even when I don't want to. I love that you play with me. You are my best friend. No one is able to make me laugh like you do. I cherish all of our inside jokes, most of which are too inappropriate to post here. ;)

     Your determination with Jasper EcoTech is something I aspire to have with Danielle Brooks Photography. You are able to tackle problems with such a ferocity that Billy Crystal would be jealous of. I am so grateful for your gentle prodding to become a better photographer and person. You are going places now and in the future, and I am so proud to say I was there from the beginning when you got your acceptance letter to Florida Coastal.

     I am so excited about the future and what the Year-of-no-Death/Year-of-Health holds for us! As I've said before, I am perfectly content with where we are in life, but I am also joyfully anticipating the next phase in our lives. We are so young in life and in love and I am amazed at all God has been able to accomplish through us together. Two truly are better than one in our case.  Thank you for being there to give me grounded advice and for just listening to me rant or complain. Thank you for being the best running partner in this race.

     You are the only one for me, and I know that no one else will make me as happy as you do long as you walk the earth. I love you and am so excited to go to San Diego with you!

Don't be my next regret, 


Side note to readers, "Don't be my next regret" is a line in song Rich sang with his band Only After Disaster when he was in college. I'm not actually telling him to not be a regret. ;) Be sure to leave Rich some birthday love in the comments!!

For parents and fellow photogs out there, next week I am sponsoring a WEEK of blogs by other photographers! They will be sharing their top tips and tricks for photographing families. This isn't just for photographers! There will be plenty of advice for parents as well when it comes to in-home sessions! We have worked really hard to put this together. So please share this with others to let them know what's going on!