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Nashville Adventures Continue | Nashville Photographer

The second half of our trip to Nashville was just as awesome as the first part. There isn't one bad thing you can say about Nashville. There were a bunch of murals on the buildings there. And the brick...oh my goodness y'all. St. Augustine doesn't have one good brick building and in Nashville you could choose a shade of red and find a myriad of brick buildings that could fit the description. On one of our many adventures out and about East Nashville we stumbled upon a little book swap. It was super cute and I am considering building my own Little Free Library. One of the nights we were there Brittany and I went to dinner with some women affiliated with The Gospel Coalition at Lockland Table, which, as I just learned, was voted top 200 restaurants in the South. We then went downtown and walked past a cluster of bars on what was known as Printers Alley. Its where the old newspaper offices used to be. It was pretty cool.

While downtown, we met up with the Sivyers and went to the Tennessee State Museum. The best part of it was that it was free! We had a blast walking around with them and seeing what the museum had to offer. After that we went to Centennial Park and had lunch. While we were there, we noticed that all these huge snails were floating in the water. Naturally, Steve went down to investigate. Turns out they were a bunch of empty shells. It was pretty weird.

One day we were on our way to meet a church planter in the area and we found a Maserati dealer. Richie of course wanted to walk around and found a Ferrari parked outside. We don't get to see very many of these cars in St. Augustine.  Walking out of the dealership I found a little bird with her baby. Her nest was a modge podge of things one of which was a balloon ribbon.

I would be remiss if I didn't say anything about the houses in Nashville. The city, like any other is so diverse. There are little pockets of wealthy and impoverished. We drove through Brentwood and those homes are where the "old money" resides. It was crazy how huge the homes were! On our last day in Nashville we walked to Shelby Bottoms park with the Sivyers and prayed for the city and its people. We would love to live there someday.

I also got to meet up with my friend Molly. She is a photographer in the Nashville area. Check out her work, she is phenomenal. I met her through a photographers gift exchange. She guest blogged for me one day and it was so great to meet her in person. She has such a heart for other people. It was great to see her and talk with her about my apprehension in possibly moving to the area. I am just so blessed to have her as a friend. If you haven't done so already, go check out her work.

On our last day, we walked around a little area of town with a bunch of cool murals. I feel like I said that already about another area of town, but it's SO true! Nashville is just so covered in art it's unreal. Some of the art galleries were really unique. Garage Mahal? Come on! That's awesome! There was this place called The Idea Hatchery. Guys, I cannot tell you how sweet this place is. Someone bought the land, put a bunch of buildings on it none of them bigger than 320 square feet. They rent out the buildings for super cheap so new business owners can rent them and make their dreams a reality without having to buy/rent a huge store front. It was such an encouragement to see how the city really supports new business owners. And their mail boxes were vintage chicken hatches! Also, all over the city they had bike rental stations. For a small town girl this city never ceased to amaze me.

Ok. Tomato Fest. Unfortunately we missed it, but East Nashville knows how to throwdown. Via their website, "The Tomato Art Fest was founded by Meg and Bret MacFadyen, owners of East Nashville’s Art and Invention Gallery. In 2004, the gallery hosted an art show celebrating the tomato in late summer, and planned a few neighborhood events to promote the show. The Tomato Art Fest proved so popular that it immediately turned into an annual, signature event for the hip, urban neighborhood of East Nashville." Tomatoes were seriously EVERYWHERE. It was just one of those cool Nashville quirks that makes the city so special.

A huge shout out to Cash and Margaret for letting us stay with them while we were there. As I mentioned, they were above Jenis Ice Cream. In the morning there was this cool coffee shop called Ugly Mugs. They had the best mochas and lemon blackberry muffins! I had one almost everyday we were there. SO GOOD! Richie had the hand brew which he loved.

That's pretty much our trip to Nashville! We had a blast while we were there and were sad to say our good byes, but are expectant of what the future will bring. Have you all traveled to Nashville before? What was your favorite thing to do there?