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Nashville Adventures | Nashville Family Photographer

Alright y'all, it's here. Our Nashville adventures! As I mentioned before Rich and I went with our friends the Sivyers. On our first day we just kind of hung out with some of Rich's friends from college. It was great to see everyone and catch up. On day 2 I went for a walk through East Nashville. We were staying with Cash and Margaret and they live in an apartment right above Jenis. I'm going to take a brief moment to tell you all of the amazingness that is Jenis. They are essentially the Hyppo of ice cream. They had all kinds of delicious flavors, lavender, lemon and blueberry, cantaloupe and sun, bangkok peanut, etc. It was so savory we went 3 times while we were there.

Anyway, Jenis is centrally located in East Nashville so it was a great place to stay. As I was saying, I decided to go on a walk around the neighborhood. The tomato mural was the first indicator of the Tomato Fest they had going on that weekend, more on that later. As I was walking around I ran into an old church that seemed to have sat vacant for some time. I made them into black and whites and I think they turned out pretty good and of course I had to jump in one. My favorite thing about Nashville is that everyone gardens. EVERYONE. It is a very progressive city. I just loved walking around looking at all the gardens in peoples yards.

I ran into this little mom and pop shop called Boone & Sons. It was super cute, but really expensive. All the meat was farm raised and at least $20/lb. They had all these little tomatoes of different colors and you could sample them. I tried a yellow one since I hadn't ever had one before. They also brewed their own beer! Their growlers were fairly well priced and it was local beer.

The next shop I stopped in was weird. WEIRD. It was called Hail and they sold animal bones, stuffed game, old dental supplies and stuff. It was definitely a slice of East Nashville.

Sunday night we went to Steve's sister, Katie's house for dinner. It was delicious and so great to see them. I was kind of wigging out at the idea of potentially moving and seeing them helped ground me in my thought process. We had a great time hanging out with them and getting to know Katie and David. Added benefit of being in Nashville? There were lightning bugs!

Stick around the 2nd half of our Nashville trip will be on the blog Friday! What adventures have you all been on lately?