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One Thousand Gifts | St. Augustine Photographer

I used to be such an avid reader in school. I remember when we were handed a new book to read for English class, I would finish it within the week. When we would read the book aloud in class, I would always have some other book stashed in my lap that I would be reading. Since the shift from Flagler to full-time photography, I've had a lot more time to read. Right now, I'm reading through One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. It is really good, but a very heavy read. I have to read a section and then step away to digest it.

Fairly early on in the book, Ann talks about how she started a list of all the small things she thought were gifts from God. She was trying to be intentional about replacing the negative thoughts with positive ones. By focusing on the gifts of God it's impossible to focus on feeling like He isn't there. So instead of writing a list of small gifts from God, I am going to be taking pictures. Hopefully one a day. I wont bore you with the details, but at the end of each month I'll post my photos. I would love for you all to join me! Follow me on Facebook and share your photos there!

For my first gift, I was walking around the community and heard a guy mowing his lawn and then I smelled it. I just love the smell of a freshly mowed lawn. There is something so peaceful and satisfying about it. So my first gift is freshly mowed grass. What are some gifts you are thankful for?