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Pancakes and Orchard Picking in DeLeon Springs | St. Augustine Family Photographer

This past weekend was such fun! A bunch of friends from church went to DeLeon Springs. We had some delicious pancakes from The Sugar Mill! The Sugar Mill is such a great place. You pay $5 a person and it's all you can eat pancakes. Did I mention, you make your own pancakes at the table?! How awesome is that? We made blueberry, chocolate chip, and walnut pancakes. We made silver pancakes and silver dollar pancakes. The Sivyer boys had a blast making them as well as eating them. Across from the Sugar Mill is the spring where you can just jump in and swim around. During the summer you can cool off in the spring and then go get yourself some pancakes.

After the Sugar Mill, we went to Gardner's parent's house and picked Satsuma oranges. They have a HUGE orchard with all kinds of fruit! We had such a blast running around picking citrus. About half way through picking it started raining, but we kept going. It was such fun hanging out with friends who have become family.

While exploring the orchard I found a teal door and you KNOW I had to find some willing subjects to photograph in front of it! The orchard even had a bee farm! TOO COOL!