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Rob Armstrong, Reporter Extraordinaire | St. Augustine Portrait Photographer

When I was at Flagler College as a student I had Rob Armstrong as a professor. To say he was an awesome professor would be an understatement. He worked as a correspondent for CBS News for 24 years. He's been shot at, arrested, and has met several presidents. I just loved the stories he told in class. Despite the fact that I speak so highly of him, we had a rough start. I was in my first class with him and he asked a question. I raised my hand and answered and he tore my answer apart. I was able to hold it together in class, but I went home and cried. I never wanted to take a class with him again. But as time went on, I began to like the challenge he presented. He wasn't an easy 'A' professor, and I ended up taking every class he offered. Needless to say, we are great friends now. He was even at my wedding. Rob has poured countless hours into his students. He pushed us to be better and to pursue excellence in journalism.

Even though I'm not a journalist, the lessons he taught have helped me excel in life. Ironically one of my takeaways helped me find my passion for photography. Rob said once, if you're ever offered an opportunity to advance and you aren't prepared for it, lie and figure it out later. I was working at Flagler doing video work, and when the work ran out, they asked me if I knew how to use a still camera. At the time I didn't, but remembered Rob's advice. I said I did know how to use a camera, and figured it out. His other big piece of advice was, "It's better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission." Meaning, if you're told "no" and you do it, you get in trouble. Whereas, if you just do something and they say you can't do that, you can just apologize and often avoid punishment.

Anyways, the University of Denver contacted him to write for their magazine. They needed a couple of shots of Rob with some memorabilia of his Dad, Murray. Murray was a legendary hockey coach a U of D. His dad left some pretty big foot prints, but Rob left some of his own at Flagler College.

Who in your life is a "Rob Armstrong"? I'd love to hear about those who influenced you.