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School Photography, A Lesson In Wrangling Cats | St. Augustine School Photographer

I recently had the opportunity to do a stylized photo shoot for Anastasia Baptist Early Education Ministry. It was probably the second biggest challenge I have undertaken as a photographer. There is just so much to do for school photos. I have such a respect for companies that come into big public and private schools and just knock it out of the park.Taking photos of so many kids is a little like wrangling cats.

Hannahlee, the Director of ABEEM, wanted to do something outside and stylized which is right up my alley! I had the hardest time deciding on what I wanted to be the set. I knew it needed to be simple and it had to make for a "balanced" photo. Luckily Brittany had a globe and some really vintage-y books I could borrow. I also borrowed a cute little red ladder from Frances. I threw some pencils in a mason jar, grabbed a couple apples and voila! I had a set! Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of the set I used for the Island Campus (these are from the SR 16 campus, and I forgot Brittany's globe and had to use one of the schools globes.)

As I said earlier, this set is at the SR 16 Campus. It was a great location because of the natural light. I put together a short video to show you where we were shooting to show you that you can find a location anywhere for awesome photos. We were in a parking lot for these! But the best part was that the sun was reflecting off the pavement which happened to be a very light cream color. It made for some great reflection and I was able to get the catch lights in the kids eyes. Pardon the camera shake, Kayla was gracious enough to film and we didn't have a tripod with us.

I hope the video was helpful to give you a sense of where we were shooting. Here are a couple of the final photos I was able to capture. What is the biggest challenge you are working on right now?