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Setting Goals | St. Augustine Photographer

I missed blogging Monday! So sorry all, I'm working to get blogs up Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I generally write them the night before so they are ready to go, but the weekend got away from me. So lucky for you guys I'm blogging both Tuesday AND Wednesday. Mega score. I know.

Today Rich sits for his Bar Examination! So if you think of him, please say a quick prayer. It's only the single biggest test of his life. Once he passes this, he will be able to be sworn in as a member of the Bar Association and legally allowed to represent people as a lawyer. So in light of Rich sitting for his exam, I started thinking about goals and I just wanted to share some of the goals I have set for myself and the "payoff" when I accomplish them.

I'm terrible at setting goals. Mainly because I'm a perfectionist I get so caught up in the details I tend to forget what my goal was by the time I finish. But as a business owner you cant do that. You need to set achievable goals in small increments. That way the goals are more achievable. My goal this time around was fairly big. It wasn't "blog for the week" or "cull the images from photo session in the same day." My goal was to get Seniors interested in the Senior Rep program, have them apply, respond to the replies, meet with parents, get contracts out, arrange mini sessions with senior reps, get their photos edited and up on the blog, design and order their senior rep cards." PHEW! I'm tired just thinking of all the work I went through. While all of those tasks were mini goals in themselves, my reward is kind of expensive so I had to make it worth it. All I have to do is submit the Rep Cards to the printer and get the cards to the Reps when they get back to me. My reward for all this, are you ready?? *Drum roll*

A shiny new pair of RED HUNTER BOOTS!

Image from Sole Food Blog

Image from Sole Food Blog

I am SO excited! I'm totally gonna rock these bad boys! Almost yearly, I have to order a new pair from Target for $30 but because they are so cheap they usually get holes in them within a year. And living in St. Augustine, you NEED rain boots. The city floods anytime any rain falls from the sky. I love Hunter boots, but I've always thought they were too expensive and have just stuck with my $30 pair. But Rich was like, if you spend the money on these boots you wont have to buy a new pair every year. These will potentially last longer. So once I order a pair and get them, I'll have a mini photo shoot so you can see them.


My next goal, is to do the Insanity challenge! I've started several, several, several times. Several times. But time got in the way. I lost interest. I really want to get one of those Insanity shirts you can get when you finish. I always feel better about myself when I'm working out. So why not now? I just need to find ways to stay motivated. It's just 60 days. I can do this! I'm not sure what my reward will be, but I'm open to suggestions if you have any ideas.

Another goal I have for myself/business is to achieve Page One status on Google. Anyone who knows me, knows that in my spare time, I listen to podcasts on SEO and ways to better your chance of ranking higher in Google searches. I am just now seeing the pay off for that work. Danielle Brooks has slowly been climbing the pages. I am currently Page One for "St. Augustine Family Photographer," "St. Augustine Senior Photographer," "Saint Augustine Family Photographer," and "Saint Augustine Senior Photographer." Those are the "low hanging fruit" as it is called. There is competition for those phrases, but not as much as "St. Augustine Photographer." That is the Mount Everest of SEO. EVERYONE wants to be Page One for that, because that is generally what people Google when looking for a photographer.  When I started making changes to the site and stuff, I first showed up on page 14. You had to hit the 14th "O" in Goooooooooooooogle to reach my page. Now I'm fluctuate between Page 2 and 3. It is so on! I'm going to make my way to Page One! Once I achieve Page One status, Rich and I are going to throw a HUGE party! Appropriately titled, "The Page One Party"

What about you all? What are some goals you have set for yourself? Have you achieved them yet? What was your reward for finishing?