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Setting the Bar Higher

Please don't overlook the subtle pun in my title. I was MIA from the blog last week because Rich and I were in Tampa while he sat for the Bar Exam. No it's not a test to become a bartender. It is literally the biggest test of his life on the road to becoming a lawyer. I am so proud of my man for diligently studying for months in advance. I will toot my horn a little in saying that I played a big role in making him study as soon as he did and for as long as he did. But the rest was up to him. He just needed a little encouragement along the way. And now we wait. It will be about 6 weeks before we get the results back and I am hopeful he surpassed the 136 mark (cumulative score needed to pass). Here are a couple of photos from our trip down there.

We went on the boat the weekend before his test to get a little sun and relaxation before the big day. And our hotel was right next to Ybor City. So while he was taking the exam I went to Ybor and took a couple of photos and hung out with Mom and Dad the rest of the day.