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She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain | Murphy Photographer

So this past week, Rich and I were able to go to the mountains with my parents! My dad's dad built a cabin in the woods and wanted us to go up and use it for a bit. The cabin is just outside Murphy, North Carolina. We didn't have cell signal unless we went into town, and it was magnificent. Every morning I got up and read Nehemiah while the sun came up. Honestly I was expecting to get a big revelation from God. Some big thing that I needed to work on, or what our next steps should be in regards to the job hunt for Rich. But God was silent. On our last day there, I was telling Rich how I felt like I had made a lot of effort to get up to watch the sunrise and spent time in prayer and I was frustrated I wasn't really getting anything. And Rich said, "Well maybe that's just it. God wants you to sit in silence and enjoy his presence. We don't get this kind of quiet at home." And dang was he right. It was the trip I needed to just BE. You know? No cell phone, no tv, just silence. I didn't tale too many photos just because I wanted to focus on time with my family, not observing it behind a lens. But here are some of the sunrises, hikes, and things we experienced in Murphy, NC.

Before I took this photo, a hummingbird flew up and right into my face! He just hovered there about a foot away. It was crazy! He tweeted at me and then flew off. He was the most beautiful green I've ever seen, and his beak was so pointy. I had forgotten how small and precious hummingbirds are. I definitely want to get a feeder!

The Great Smoky Mountains are only an hour drive from Murphy. So one of the days we were there we went and hiked a couple of trails! Probably one of my highlights from the trip. When I was growing up hiking wasn't exactly my favorite thing to do so my Dad always found me a big stick that I could use to walk with and he called me the Trail Boss. Now that my Mom has lost hearing in one of her ears I passed on the Trail Boss responsibilities to her so she could have the stick to maintain balance.

The Appalachian Trail runs through the Great Smoky Mountains! We got to hike a part of it. Rich and I are planning to hike it one day. Or at least part of it. It can take up to 6 months to hike the whole thing!

Y'all I seriously want bees! Once Rich finds a job, I will be full swing into getting me a hive!

This photo just might be my favorite from the entire trip! I just loved the colors and how precious this little church in downtown Murphy was.