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St. Augustine Family Photographer | Rose Turns 1!

This past weekend Rich and I went to Rose's 1st birthday party! Megan didn't want to have the responsibility of taking photos. She just wanted to enjoy the day. This is such an awesome idea and I hope that I hire a fellow professional when I have children. It can be consuming to take photos, be responsible for children, and be a hostess.  You're so busy with tasks you never end up enjoying the event. I'm so glad I got to help out and take photos of Rose's 1st birthday party.

One thing to know about Megan is that she is a walking Pinterest board. Her home is so lovely. I swear, if she didn't already wear 16 hats, she could add interior designer to her resume. Rose's party was no different. Since it was Easter weekend she had an Easter Egg Hunt theme. It was adorable. Every one had a great time at the event. I am so glad Rich and I have gotten to know the Nettles family.