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I love working with kids. They're loud, they're crazy, and they're always worth it. But sometimes working with kids can be hard. They have short attention spans. They cry. They get frustrated. Have you ever had kids that are super outgoing but clam up in front of the camera? Here are a few tips on working with kids to get genuine smiles.

1. Tell Jokes

The DeBarros kids were super shy in front of the camera. So I started off by telling them some of my killer jokes. Most of them were terrible, but it got them to smile.

2. Get Them To Talk About Themselves

Kids love talking especially about themselves. Ask about sports, what they are learning, their least favorite subject. You get the point. For the older kids, ask if they are dating anyone or if they have a crush on someone. This usually gets them to bashfully smile and leads to some light-hearted teasing from family. Pretty soon everyone is laughing.

3. Be Patient

I can't express this enough. Patience is key. If you start to get frustrated, think about how it will be perceived by children. If one trick isn't working try something new. Ask mom and dad what gets the kids laughing. You may need to make a couple farting noises. 

4. Two Words

When all else fails: Tickle Monster. Let mom and dad be in control of Tickle Monster. A stranger tickling them may come across as scary. Plus this is a great way to get an awesome family shot with the kids laughing.