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St. Augustine Photographer | 3 Ways to Provide Great Customer Service

Customer service it vital to Danielle Brooks Photography. Photographers, and creatives in general get a bad reputation for not being very business oriented. We get so bogged down by creating that we let everything else fall by the wayside, including customer service. Here are three easy ways to provide great customer service.

1. Respond to Inquiries Immediately.

I can't tell you how many times I've heard, "I sent out several emails to photographers and you were the first one to call me back." It is very true that the early bird gets the worm. If I am in the office, I always have my email up. As soon as an inquiry comes in I respond. Never put off for tomorrow what you can do today. Your clients will thank you for your rapid response. And honestly, if you were asking questions of a business, wouldn't you appreciate a rapid response?

2. When You Respond to an Email, Call Them!

Email can sometimes cause communication errors. "Let's eat grandpa!" and "Let's eat, grandpa!" mean two different things. What makes sense to you as a business owner might not translate to the client and can cause confusion. Email also takes so much time. Sometimes you wait hours for a client to respond via email, when a phone call will get an immediate response. Plus, for me email doesn't convey tone. When I call a client, there is no guesswork in what I'm trying to say or how I'm trying to say it.

3. Set deadlines and stick to them.

If you tell a client you will send them info before lunch, send them the info before lunch. Be a person who keeps your word. Clients rely on you to direct the conversation, be a leader. It is a real annoyance if you are waiting to receive photos, or a contract and the photographer doesn't deliver them at the agreed upon deadline. If something comes up, tell your client. "Hey, I forgot I had a meeting at noon, I will send you the info as soon as I get back into the office today." Unless you have an insane client, most people will understand and will appreciate you keeping them in the loop.

That's it. 3 tips on creating great customer service. What are some ways you provide great customer service to your clients? I would love some suggestions or hear what you all do in this department.