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St. Augustine Photographer | Declaring My Candidacy

So today I made a big decision. I declared my candidacy to become a Certified Professional Photographer with the Professional Photographers of America. EEK! What does this mean? Well, in order to achieve my certification I have to take an exam that will test my competency in lighting, lens selection, framing, composition and design, post production and much more. Then after passing the exam I will have to submit a portfolio of images that exemplify different lighting and framing techniques. Some images will be from my personal work, and others must be from client sessions.

My hope is that through the certification process I will learn more about the technical side of photography as well as grow in confidence of my photography skills. I am not entering this phase of my career lightly. After talking with those who got their certification at Imaging USA, it is a grueling process. Almost everyone has had to take the exam multiple times as well as submit several different portfolios before their images were accepted. Having my certification will allow me to bring you all better quality images. It will help differentiate me from others in the industry. With my certification, I will have a national organization standing behind me and my images.

I am already really proud of myself because today I didn't let my fears stop me from moving forward in the process. I have been waffling with the idea for awhile now, but have always said no. I said no because I didn't think I was good enough to attempt trying. WHAT?! I listened to a voice tell me that I wasn't even good enough to try?! THAT'S CRAZY! I AM good enough! Sure it might take me a couple tries, but I will succeed. I want to be a better photographer, and this process will help me to grow. After all if you aren't growing, you're stagnant. And aint nobody got time for that. So wish me luck! Here goes nothing!