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St. Augustine Photographer | Our Newest Addition

Rich and I have added on to our family! This weekend we have adopted a little Abyssinian mix kitten! We have named her Luna, and affectionately call her Luna Tuna. Yes, it is a subtle Harry Potter reference :) It was a spur of the moment decision. We have been looking to add on to our family but have been really particular with what we wanted. It had to be a girl, a kitten, and hypoallergenic. Rich and I have been to dozens of cat adoptions and haven't found the right fit. Then we went to Katz 4 Keeps. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a cat. They are super friendly and loving with all the cats. They have volunteers that come in to play with the animals and clean their habitats daily. Luna got her nails cut, was given a bath, and we got all her vet records before we brought her home. Her and Ava are adjusting to one another well. Ava is a little spooked but is slowly coming around. If you all have any suggestions on how to co-habitat two kitties we are open for recommendations. Luna is the perfect addition to our family. She will certainly keep our hands full until we are ready to have a baby ;)