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St. Augustine Photographer | Rock City Gardens

At the beginning of the month Rich and I drove up to Nashville for the annual Imaging USA. On our way up I figured out we would drive right past Rock City! I went to Rock City once with my Nana and Papa when I was younger. I remember going through the mountain and seeing all these creepy fairy tale scenes. Seriously, y'all. They're creepy, you'll see. Anyway, Rock City is on top of Lookout Mountain. There are actually houses up there where people live. It is really beautiful. We went on a sort of cloudy day but we could still see quite a distance from the top of the mountain. From Rock City you can see 7 states! Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama. Before you get up to the top of the mountain you walk through Rock City. There is a path that winds you up through all these rock formations that the wind and other elements have made. There is one place called needle eye and it can make one feel claustrophobic.

I wanted to show you all what a difference shutter speed can make. The first photo was taken at f/2.8, 1/500. So the water is almost stopped if only for 1/500 of a second. In the second photo, the settings were f/22, .3. So when I took the second photo I wanted to show the waterfall in motion. In order to slow the shutter I needed to make the aperture smaller to allow less light.

Next to the falls was this rainbow room which I'm sure would have been way more awesome if it had been a sunny day.

Alright, here are the creepy fairytale creature photos. Forgive the blur where it is. It was pitch black in this place and I had no tripod. Also, on the trip up Rich and I were listening to The Hobbit. It was a pretty good audio book, but about half way thought the tunnel I started telling Rich that I think we found where Gollum lives.

Seriously, how creepy is that BoPeep? At the end we entered the gift shop, and of course bought a See Rock City bird house!