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St. Augustine Family Reunion Photographer | The McAleer Family

Every summer I am always busy photographing family reunions in St. Augustine. I love hanging out with families and capturing their connections. The McAleer family was awesome. We had great weather and everyone looked like they walked straight out of Pinterest. They rented a house on Vilano Beach which made taking photos super easy. Everyone just walked out into the backyard on their private beach. We were able to capture some priceless images.

One of my clients is named Romulus. I asked him about his name and he told me he was named after the mythical Roman story. Romulus and Remus were twins born to a daughter of a king. She and her people became enslaved and when the twins were born, they were left to die in the Tiber River. They were found and raised by a local shepherd and his wife. The two brothers grew up and each wanted to found a city on a different hill. They quarreled and Remus died. Romulus went on to found his city and named it Rome. Super cool right? Romulus said his parents wanted to give him a strong name. I definitely think they achieved that goal. To read a more in depth story about the myth, click here.

Thank you for allowing me to be your family reunion photographer.