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The Charette Family | St. Augustine Family Photographer

It is never a dull moment with the Charettes. While we were on our photo shoot, Emily was telling me about the time she took a brief nap and Eleanor and June dumped flour all over the kitchen floor! The girls started making snow angels. Of course it's a funny story now, but in that moment Emily said she had to just learn to embrace the mess and just go with it.

If the Charette family name sounds familiar, it's because Jeff and Emily own We Are Charette, a design company in St. Augustine. They are a super talented duo and you should definitely check some of their stuff out.

I have such mad respect for Jeff and Emily. They are truly a picture of marriage: messy and beautiful. They are the types of people you are better for knowing. Emily has a crazy strong inner strength that I hope to one day have. They are raising two amazing daughters who are both sharp as tacks. I am so excited to see what the future holds for the Charette Family. Together they can move mountains.