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The Davis Family and the Black Friday Sale! | St. Augustine Family Photographer

This blog post is a tad late in the day on account of Black Friday shopping! Rich and I traditionally wait until we wake up on Friday to go shopping, but this year was completely different. Last night we were in bed at 11 and I said, "So, wanna go Black Friday shopping?" And Rich actually said yes! So we got our lazy butts out of bed and went to Target. I got the new Sara Bareilles CD for $5 and some hand towels for our bathroom. Then we went to Game Stop on a whim to see if we could get Rich a PS4 since he didn't per-register for one. We stood in line for about 40 minutes and finally reached the counter. We asked if they had any PS4s left and they did! After the guy brought it out he announced they were out of PS4s! We got the LAST ONE! The cashier put it in a bag for us so we wouldn't get robbed on our way out. (It was a pretty intense gaming crowd) All-in-all we had an awesomely luck experience Black Friday shopping! However, Rich has to wait until Christmas to open his PS4. 

So for my Black Friday deal...drum roll please...From now until MONDAY, book a full session (family, engagement, or senior) and get your Christmas Mini Session FREE!!

The Davis' are on the blog today! Rich and I just love Allison, Greg, and the kids. Greg officiated at our wedding, and they both did our pre-engagement/pre-marital counseling. It has been such a joy to watch their family grow over the years. I am hoping and praying that next year they will have another little one to add to their family. They are in the process of adopting, and I know that the kid who gets to be a part of their family will be one blessed kiddo. They are just such a loving family.  Rich and I are honored to have such great examples to look up to in our marriage.