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The Harriest of Potters | St. Augustine Photographer

This year our close friends the Sivyers have been reading Harry Potter. When it came time to pick costume themes, it was quickly decided that they would be Harry Potter characters. The boys wanted us to all be characters so they picked Professor McGonagall for me, and Professor Gildaroy Lockheart for Rich. Gabe told me that I had to be McGonagall because her patronus is a cat and I love cats. He most definitely solidified my role as a cat lady. Our roles are as follows:

Ron Weasley - Gabe
Neville Longbottom - Ezra
Harry Potter - Titus
Dobby - Jonah
Mad-Eye Moody - Steve
Professor Trelawney - Brittany
Mrs. Weasley - Kayla
Professor McGonagall - Me
Professor Gildaroy Lockheart - Rich
Professor Sprout - Dayna

As you can see, we had quite the crew. It was epic and awesome! I am so glad we all committed. It was the best to hear the kids running around yelling out spells and to hear Jonah say, "Dobby free elf." All of our costumes are thrifted and handmade. Brittany did a great job making the boys costumes.