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The Millis Family // St. Augustine Family Photographer

I love living and working in St. Augustine. The city has so much history and character it is easy to get swept away by the beauty! Almost all of the buildings are different colors. I will admit I was really anxious and nervous about this photo shoot for some reason. I think there were several factors in that anxiousness. Maybe it was because I was taking the family on a new route. Or it could have been that they had 2 kids that were 4 and 5. I really want to give clients photos that they will cherish and I often psych myself out worrying. I've never bombed a photo shoot (knock on wood.) Have I made mistakes? Sure, who hasn't, but the important thing is that I am learning and not making the same mistake twice.  I think anxiousness is something I will continue to struggle with, but the Lord is helping me to rest in his peace and grace. As my friend Brittany told me, "You can's stop a bird from flying over your head, but you can stop it from building a nest in your hair." Meaning I can't help but be anxious before meeting a family, but I can pray about it and not allow that fear to control me. But let me tell you, I had such a blast with Svea and her family! Her 2 sons Brandon and Caden were hilarious. It was so easy to be at comfortable with them.  When we first met, they gave me those fake posed smiles and I knew that I was gonna have to step up my game to get them to laugh. Svea informed me they liked talking about farts. And so naturally that became the topic of discussion during our session. There is something about little boys and bodily functions that make them giggle. It was the hardest I've had to work to get kids to genuinely smile and let me tell you it was SO worth it. I hope you all enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!

This next one is quite possibly my favorite!

David wanted to do a "look away" photo where they all look in a different direction. I think this one turned out quite well. So blessed I got to hang with this little family for an afternoon.

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