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The Sivyer Family | St. Augustine Family Photographer

I love photographing the Sivyers. Rich and I have been living life with them for quite some time. They are definitely friends who have become family. If we were ever in trouble, after calling 911, we would call them. Brittany and Steve are middle school sweethearts and they have 4 crazy, intelligent, independent boys. Gabe, Ezra, Titus, and Jonah.

Gabe is SUPER smart. Any time I have a question about animals or nature, he always has the answer. And he's always sassy in his response. Ezra is very thoughtful. He enjoys his alone time, but has a heart for including others. Titus is a fireball. He has such energy and is the sweetest little boy who is always singing his own theme song. Jonah is the youngest Sivyer, but will not be left behind. He has the best facial expressions and he gives the best hugs. Brittany is the best friend a girl could have. She is tender with her kids, wise in her advice, and she cultivates a house filled with color, laughter and love. Steve is the wittiest person I know. He is a wordsmith, a provider for his family and friends, and is the most realistic fake gun fighter with his boys.

Rich and I are so blessed to be adopted members of this family.