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Tips For A Great Cake Smash Session | St. Augustine Photographer

Halfway through the blog series! I hope you all are able to pick up some great advice from talented photographers. Today's featured blog writer is Ashleigh Shea of Ashleigh Shea Photography, all the way from Orpington, Kent! Incase you don't know, that's in ENGLAND! I was so excited when Ashleigh agreed to guest blog for me! Her cake smash sessions are so lovely! And she is here today to share some insider tips on how she gets such flawless images! Hope you all enjoy her guest blog! Leave her some love in the comments!


Hi to all Danielle's lovely fans & readers. Danielle has asked me to be a guest blogger & talk about my cake smashes, I'm very new to this so please be kind ;)


I absolutely love cake smashes I think they're so much fun & only wish I'd had done one with my eldest but I did get to do one for my youngest which is fab! Not only do I love cake but I love making ideas come together! The cake smash I'm talking about today is a pirate set up which was so much fun. Due to having two girls everything we do is very girly even our pirate parties, my girls just love pink!!!! So when the opportunity came to do not only a pirate cake smash but a boys one I was so excited it's unreal lol.

I'm an avid follower of Heidi Hope Photography, her cake smashes are amazing as is her other work, she was my inspiration in taking my cake smashes to the next level. This set up was pretty simple but (in my opinion) very effective.


I started out with my blue background pulled right out so I had a continuous backing for the sea & sky. I cut white cloud shapes out of paper & sticky taped them loosely to the background. I then got my trusty old picnic basket to use as a ship, I used the stick that holds it shut for the mast & attached a cream scarf/pashmina to use as the sail, I laid some burlap onto the basket to add a rustic rugged ship feel to the set up. I had a blue sea coloured cake made up by Julie Scrumptious Cakes - she makes all my cakes for smashes as well as my cupcakes for my opening.

This particular cake smash was shot using a mix of natural & continuos lighting. I brought in the use of the stay on lights to light up the two bottom corners as they were rather dark. The majority of time though I will shoot with all natural lighting.

Once I had everything in place I was all ready for my lil pirate to come & get smashing...... Only he didn't!!! He was not interested in touching the cake at all with his hands oh no, he wanted to use a spoon! Lol. It was still great fun & no two cake smashes are the same!


Here are a few of my other smashes from this year, I can't wait to get more creative with my cake smashes this year.

With love Ash.x


I'm a mother of two gorgeous girls in my first 'official' year of business. As well as photography {of course!}, I love pink things, girlie things & all manor of crafty bits! I'm loving my first year in business & am hoping my 'lil biz' goes from strength to strength!

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